Courage, perseverance, faith and humor are the themes of Kris Belcher’s life.  Left completely blind and emotionally shattered in 2003 from her second battle with cancer, Kris was unsure how to go on.   She has since grown accustomed to life in the dark, but could do without the bumps and bruises that accompany blindness.  Kris is contemplating full body armor as a safety precaution.

 Northern California was Kris’ home until she attended Brigham Young University- graduating in Therapeutic Recreation.  

 Kris and her husband James have two boys, and live in Lehi, Utah.  They own a flower shop where Kris is the  delivery driver.  Well, not really.  She leaves the driving to the professionals who don’t need a cane.

 Kris has published two books, “Hard Times and Holy Places”, and “Facing the Son”, as well as a talk on CD called, “But Now I See”.

 Giving hope to others who struggle in life has been the motivation for Kris to write and speak; she has shared her story and laughed with audiences throughout the United States and into Canada.

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